Áreas Académicas

The Twenty-First Century implies a globalized world in which students need to interact effectively and efficiently in English. Thus, the subject aims at strengthening three competences: Oral Expression and Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, and Written Expression, so as to provide our students with the tools they need to face present day demands and challenges. Simultaneously, the subject promotes the use and the practice of soft and academic skills, aligning itself with the Villamarian values, mission and vision to form young Catholic women.

We apply a mixed teaching method and approach, based on international standards, focused on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which will boost our students language skills, helping them to accomplish English Proficiency Exams certificates, passing with merit, such as the Cambridge Exams that they may take in 6th grade, 2nd junior high, 4th and 5th high school.

Our students prove their command of the English Language by fluently expressing their opinions with supported ideas and arguments, not only orally, but also in written form, becoming independent and proficient users of the language by the end of their school life, ready to fulfill academic and professional goals, such as being acknowledged wherever they go and admitted to universities around the world.